Madonna’s Political Dinner

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The queen of pop, Madonna has taken her Sticky Sweet Tour to the Holy Land of Israel.

Your Madgesty, boytoy Jesus Luz and former contender for the post of Israel’s Prime Minister Tzipi Livini dined together at Madge’s request.

Because what the queen wants, the queen gets.Livini’s spokesperson, Gil Messing, said he pair decided to keep the content of the conversation private. He said Livni “was very impressed with Madonna and found her to be a very interesting person.”

Messing said Tuesday that Livni and her husband plan to attend one of Madonna’s show, the last on her current world tour.


Audrina Patridge Leaving ‘The Hills’

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Audrina Patridge

In news we thought happened six months ago, Audrina Patridge has officially announced that she is leaving the hit show The Hills.

The reality star has revealed that she is leaving the MTV show to focus on a movie career and to develop her own show.

“I’m almost done with The Hills. We’re in the middle of finishing these episodes and I’ll be leaving then.

It feels like I’m graduating. I’m taking the next step and growing up and maturing and moving on in my life.”

Usually leaving a show while it’s still hot is a bad move (just ask David Caruso, Luke Perry and Shannon Doherty) but having seen her “hills” in action, we think Audrina could have a very successful movie career.

It might be a “B-Movie” career but a movie career none the less.

David Beckham and Victoria Beckham Promote California

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David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

David Beckham has been picked to appear in a new advertising campaign to promote the great state of California. The LA Galaxy midfielder, along with wife Victoria and their three sons, have just returned to their home in Los Angeles after a short spell in Europe.

And now the 34-year-old has joined a host of other stars including Rob Lowe and Vanessa Williams in helping to promote the Golden State to tourists. Beckham was on the beach, in Santa Monica shooting a spot for a new ad campaign for the California Travel & Tourism Commission that will launch next month.

He was dressed in a casual shirt and cargo shorts and kicked footballs into the ocean. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly asked Beckham to take part in the tourism campaign.

Hopefully this will go better than the whole “getting America to like soccer” thing because California could use all the help it can get!

Chris Brown: The Felon Has Landed

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Chris Brown

Chris Brown landed in Virginia last night to start his six month hard labor stint for his assault on Rihanna.

Brown looked every bit the gangster as he walked through the airport with his thuggish looking body guard.

He must’ve started his anger management courses early because our pap was hammering questions at him and he didn’t even flinch.

Maybe if the photographer was a girl, things would’ve ended differently…

Katy Perry Wants To Be The Honest Judge On “American Idol”

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry wants to be an “honest a**hole.” The “I Kissed a Girl” singer is planning to imitate Simon Cowell’s brand of tough love when she appears as a guest judge on “American Idol” later this month.

The 24-year-old star said: “I might become a little bit of a buddy with Simon, because whenever I watch that show, as much as he’s an a**hole, he’s a very truthful, honest a**hole.”

“I’m not there to build them up. It’s weird, because I don’t want to break their hearts, but everyone knows someone who’s been doing karaoke and doing little gigs here and there, and nobody has told them that they can’t sing on pitch for, like, 15 years?”

“And you’re like, ‘Someone needs to say something.’ And, unfortunately, I might be that gal, to tell you the truth. I always have been.”

Katy is not the only celebrity to fill Paula Abdul’s vacant chair on the show’s judging panel.Shania Twain and Victoria Beckham have also made one-off appearances.

Miley Cyrus’ New Romance With Co-Star Left His Ex-Girlfriend Devastated

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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ new romance with Liam Hemsworth has left his ex-girlfriend devastated. The “Hannah Montana” starlet – who has been dating the former “Neighbours” actor since they grew close on the set of their new movie “The Last Song” – has left Australian student Laura Griffin heartbroken by taking her “boyfriend and best friend.”

The 19-year-old wrote on her Facebook web page: “Liam and I have been inseparable since school. But it’s Miley Cyrus. How can I compete?”

Laura blamed the “Hannah Montana” actress for the breakdown of her relationship with Liam and said the pair would still be together if it wasn’t for Miley.

She told Australia’s Woman’s Day magazine: “He was my boyfriend and my best friend. There is no other reason why we would have broken up.”

The co-stars relationship came to light when they were spotted kissing on the set of their film.Actor Alex Emanuel said: “Miley jumped into his arms and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him and leaned back and he was dipping her. It was like a scene out of an old movie where the guy’s getting on a train and they’re saying their goodbyes.”

Last month, Miley was locked in a bitter war of words with her ex-boyfriend Justin Gaston.The singer-and-actress – who split from the underwear model in June after a year of dating – traded insults with him through cryptic messages on Twitter.

Justin wrote: “People mistake stupidity for bravery way too easily.”

Miley quickly replied: “Yeah. I love when people mistake bravery with writing a few stupid tweets trying to make it seem like they don’t care. You’re afraid to love.”

Earlier this summer, the Miley was also romantically linked to 22-year-old Steve Rushton, a former member of pop band Son Of Dork.

Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt Party It Up In Vegas

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Paris Hilton

It looks like Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt may definitely be back together. The on-again, off-again couple were seen partying in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The couple partied at Wasted Space at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for the Maxim’s Hometown Hotties event on Saturday night.

Paris was seen on Sunday, eating at restaurant Rare 120. She was later seen partying at Body English, also at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.